Adolescent & Infant Training

In the past many people have hypothesised that children and teenagers should not partake in any weight bearing or impact inclusive training (such as weight lifting, jumping etc.). This hypothesis was based on the belief that these activities would damage their joints and growth plates (and ultimately stunt growth).

What does the evidence say?

However, dermatological research (research actually carried out on human beings) and implementation shows that we can benefit from weight bearing and impact inclusive training the most during our childhood and teenage years.

The benefits of weight bearing and impact exercises

These exercises significantly increase bone mineral density during adolesence. This means that children and teenagers that include this form exercise into their training will have stronger and healthier bones.

It has also been shown to:

  1. Improve the development of the nervous system
  2. Improve proprioception and neural motor recruitment

All of these factors can combine to improve:

  1. Reaction speed
  2. Control of limbs
  3. Strength
Do infants and Adolescents need to train differently to adults?

Simple answer – Yes.

Although the quantity of research into the training of juniors (adolescents and infants) is small in comparison to adults, there is a foundation of evidence to show that training has to be approached in a different manner.

Adolescents and infants possess a different physiological structure to adults that is dependent on their biological age and training age*.

This needs to be assessed and taken into consideration to ensure their training is safe and to maximise the benefits.

Training principles that are used with adults can be translated into the training of juniors. However they always have to be applied with consideration to their; biological age, training age and supervised by a qualified professional.

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*Training age is a quantitative measure of how long an individual has been training for

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what our atheletes say about us

I feel better than ever. Since training with Jon my training, nutrition and health checks are structured and organised. I know what I’m doing and why I am doing it which helps keep me motivated! He is always monitoring me and uses me for experiments which is pretty cool. I have learned a lot and always feel confident in my physical condition when Jon is present at the track. Jon is a valuable part of my team.

- Lando Norris

FIA MSA formula champion 2015, CIK-FIA KF World champion, CIK-FIA KFJ European champion

Jon is one of the only people we have dealt with that makes an effort to improve driver training and preparation using factual research. The key thing for us is that Jon understands how to use this knowledge to produce a training and nutrition plan that is effective for each driver’s needs which are genuinely driver specific. The help we receive from Pioneered Athlete Performance and the high standard of training the driver partakes in leaves us confident that the driver is in peak physical condition for every race.

- ADD Motorsports

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