Michigan State University

Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University.  He received his PhD in exercise physiology from Texas A&M University and postdoctoral training in physiology from Baylor College of Medicine. He currently conducts research on the safety and human performance of racecar drivers and pit crews.  He has worked with NASCAR, Indycar and Formula 1 teams to develop training and safety protocols to increase performance. Through his work he was elected Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Motorsport Health and Safety Taskforce.

Dr. Ferguson also leads a laboratory at Michigan State University researching how early life nutrition influences cardiovascular development as it relates to functional capacity in adulthood.

Pioneered Athlete Performance are proud to have a partnership with Dr. Ferguson and the kinesiology department of Michigan State University. Together, we share unique resources and knowledge to help accelerate research into driver-athletes on an international scale that can directly improve driver performance.

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