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ADD noticed a huge gap in the market when managing drivers from Karts into Cars. Having raced and worked at the very top of Karting and Junior Formula for the last 21 years it was clear that almost all drivers arrived in cars without the right preparation other than Karting.

The differences between Karts & Cars are much bigger than most realise!

  • How the teams operate
  • The differences in the circuits
  • Lack of time on track
  • Physics of the car
  • Physical requirements of the driver
  • How to get a car team to work for YOU
  • Media and sponsor expectations

Even the very best drivers with strong budgets are taking too long to get fully up to speed when they make this vital transition. With the right programme in place the first year of car racing needn’t be just a learning one and if the testing and development programme is in place you can be challenging for championships in your first year.

The support services we offer our athletes

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