Mission Statement

Pioneered Athlete Performance is a close-knit pioneering human performance company, dedicated to facilitating sustainable, person-centred athlete development. Since 2014 our mission has been to help racing drivers fulfil their potential whilst enhancing the evidence base and understanding that supports driver-athlete conditioning.

Our collaborative, friendly team of highly skilled professionals recognise and value the importance of a; well rounded, balanced, fulfilled, happy person as the core of a successful athletic journey.

By developing physical and mental capacity, we create attributes that enable the driver to apply their ability to drive fast and race well, rather than have these elements become performancelimiting factors. Our philosophy is to always act with integrity, prioritise your best interests and create an environment where all parties are comfortable being open and honest for the good of achieving your goals.

Further information

Since 2014 we have worked with nineteen racing drivers and currently actively work with twelve. We started working with fourteen of these drivers at the beginning of their car racing career/end of their karting career and many of these drivers are now competing in professional categories of motorsport and still work with us Lando Norris (Formula 1), Ferdinand Habsburg (LeMans LMP2 winner), Sacha Fenestraz (Formula E), Jehan Daruvala (Formula E), Zane Maloney (Formula E reserve driver & F2).

Our passion lies within long-term athlete development and project development, we enjoy helping people grow into the person and athlete that can succeed in motorsport. This is the reason we prefer and choose to work with younger drivers and projects in their infancy and remain with them for the long-term.

Everything we do and the structure we implement is centred around satisfying two questions:

  1. How do we ensure that we can consistently provide the best support to each driver and team.
  2. How do we ensure that we can continue this for decades to come.

We are here to provide a solution that gives you the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to give yourself the best chance of physically performing when it matters.

PAP Founder & Company Creation

Jon Malvern

Jon is a performance coach with qualifications in; exercise physiology, strength & conditioning and soft tissue therapy that is based in the United Kingdom.

"For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by motorsport. At the age of 6 I was fortunate enough to start karting at a small track in Kent. From that moment on I have been directly involved in motorsport ranging from national club racing to international events.

My hobby outings as a competitor were limited due to financial constraints but I count myself extremely lucky to have had the privilege of competing and it offered me the opportunity to start working at the track from an early age. Finances however, were not what forced me to stop competing, it was my weight. I battled with my weight my entire childhood but entering my teenage years my weight increased considerably. By the age of 14 I was morbidly obese and another health disaster waiting to happen. At the time I only realised how substantial my problem was when I tipped the scales at 28kg over the minimum driver-kart weight limit.

My desire to lose weight and be 'fit’ sparked my interest in physiology. Every time I achieved a weight loss and 'fitness milestone' I wanted to learn how to achieve the next one faster. This lead to an obsessive enthusiasm to learn more about physiology. Over the course of three years my obsession to learn and improve helped me transform myself from a morbidly obese teenager, into captain of my college rowing team. This motivated me to continue learning at university with the aim of helping others improve their health and performance.

During my university years I was fortunate enough to create opportunities working with a range of non-professional and professional athletes outside of motorsport while also building experience within motorsport. I set about gaining experience with established 'human performance' companies working in motorsport and started my own small business where I worked delivering training sessions to racing drivers ranging from childhood hobby kart racers to young adult drivers. The experience I gained from working in these different disciplines was invaluable and made me aware of the fact there was not the same level of understanding or professionalism on the preparation of motorsport athletes as there was in other professional sports.

Going into my final year of my degree, my passion for the sport and my determination to improve the understanding of the demands placed upon racing drivers, lead me to form Pioneered Athlete Performance. My aim was to use Pioneered Athlete Performance as a platform to; improve the standard of training and preparation for motorsport athletes, those involved with training motorsport athletes and create a culture that attracts the best practitioners with shared ethos.

Given my relative inexperience of doing this at the time I needed to convince and secure a commitment from a driver to go on a mutually beneficial journey together that provided the stability and platform to commence my vision for PAP. I found this commitment from Lando Norris and his manager Mark Berryman in 2013 and the journey to become what PAP is now, started."